somebuggy (somebuggy) wrote,

I am....still here.

Well folks, this is a first for not only have I not had time to post, but I have not really had time to read LJ either.  Usually I am lurking in the shadows reading and staying up to date on everyone.  I'm working on catching up, but if there is anything uber important that I should know about please do tell!

So, the short, short, short versions of the state of things.....


robvangrahamand I just returned from Mexico late Sunday where we attended his brother's wedding.  The travel was long, but for the most part it was smooth sailing.  The ceremony/party on Saturday was excellent complete with fun, family, friends, tequilla, food, dancing, family singing, and a mariachi band. Ole!  

Valentine's was lonely.  It was the first Valentine's in 6 (beginning 2002) that I did not get to spend with Graham, but driving to G-ville or Tally the day before we would be embarking on our journey to Mexico seemed silly.  Still.....

I am not doing what I really want to do for my Master's Thesis, because I'm being respectful of my Advisor that is leaving and has invested 2 years in me.  

I will however still do the applied memory and emotion project I want to do after Advisor leaves.  I think it has the promise to be very sexy.

I feel really isolated these days.  

I want more than ever to be in the same place as Graham so that we can truly start our lives together.  It's that whole "When Harry Met Sally" thing....when you know who you want to spend the rest of your life with, you don't want to wait anymore, you want that life to start right NOW!

I miss having my friends close.  I'm stuck in my own head waaaaayyyy to much.  I need to get out go shopping, have coffee and dinner and be generally silly, but I haven't had any time to make it back to Orlando due to school being so insane right now.


Tags: friends, grad school, graham, mexico, thesis
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