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Afternoon of prospectus construction.....foiled!

My early morning clearheadedness, note taking, and ideas that were to be put to good use this afternoon were hardly utilized after all.  First, there was a storm that knocked out the power for a good hour.  Then, an actual neighbor has decided to move into the other townhouse that makes up the duplex in which I dwell.  That alone wouldn't have been a big deal, but the lawyer and owner cannot find the key and have been sitting in the driveway for hours, their only cell phone has died and I've had to lend mine to help get the locksmith(s) to come and drill the lock. 

The unit has been part of an Estate - that much I knew - well, my new neighbor is a young 22 year old who is inheriting the townhouse because he has lost both parents.  Ah, well, been there, done that.

So, back to my unproductive afternoon:

The dogs are none too happy!  They have been barking like crazy because - people outside, and Mommy keeps going out to lend the phone, and, and, and...... 

I have a massage to give at 5:30 only I don't want to leave until the lock is drilled and the dogs settle a bit, but I might not have a choice.  I have given Jake and Elwood some Benadryl to help with the calming down and the barking at things outside while I'm gone. 

Tags: dogs, new neighbor, orphan, prospectus
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